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Plumbing services in San Francisco, CAconsist of a large assortment of labor. At first, these are confluent and sewage systems: change of pipes, repair of present ones, purification of drainage from blockages, prophylactic duties. The specialist works speedily, accurately and fruitfully for an hour, he will help to disassemble the ancient plumbing or pipes, and install a new one. The value of dismantling depends on the pipe stuff. The installation of the draining point, change of the riser with the initial disassembling of the aged pipes is also being materialized; the wall may also be gouged. Plumbing services in the event of an inconvenient situation with drainage congestion are provided pretty fast, after getting of the request.

Sovereignty Plumbing

M L.

San Francisco, CA

 5.0 star rating 2/14/2017

Jacob did a great job installing our dishwasher. In addition to the plumbing, the job required removing cabinetry before installation, and doing the finish carpentry and painting afterward. He did all this to a high standard. We particularly appreciated that he cleaned up as he went along. An excellent experience.

Lois D.

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating 11/21/2013

Jacob from Sovereignty Plumbing called to tell me he was on his way. He came right at the appointed time. He quickly took out our old toilet, cleaned the floor and installed the new one. The hose coming out of the wall was non standard but he managed to figure out a way to get it to work. He was speedy, efficient and courteous. I would definitely recommend this company to future clients.

Mary M.

Pacifica, CA

4.0 star rating 11/7/2012

Jacob extended a gas line for our new stove insert.  He and Rose are both very nice, polite people but they really need to work on their scheduling.  Jacob called us to reschedule at least 3 time before telling us he wouldn’t be able to make it at all.  My husband had taken the day off so he wasn’t happy.  We had to reschedule for the following week and it was my turn to take time off.  Jacob called me in the morning and told me about what time he be there and he was a little late but this time took care of the job.

Ace Plumbing & Rooter

Carlee R.

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating 11/12/2018

Scotty is the absolute best there is! Not only did he fix our leaking sink, he was able to install a garbage disposal when a previous plumber told us it couldn’t be done. He explained everything he did clearly so we understood and gave us pointers for things to look out for in the future. His work was excellent and he fixed and installed everything same day! I only want Scotty from here on out to fix any of our plumbing needs.

JoAnn H.

Daly City, CA

5.0 star rating 11/8/2018

Great service, always prompt,knowlegdable,courteous. Leo did a great job and with terrific cleanup. Thank you Ace & thank you Leo

P S.

San Francisco, CA

3.0 star rating 10/31/2015   Updated review

I recently called Ace for an emergency (a significant leak from a water pipe in a wall) that required a fair amount of finish work.   Ace came out  quickly, but the project dragged on for a week, as the plumber had a number of projects going on elsewhere.  He wasn’t a great craftsman, so I had to have someone else come in to correct some aspects of the work.  As noted above, I think Ace is fine for simpler tasks, and I appreciate their prompt response.  However, I might look elsewhere for more complicated projects.

Kellee S.

Los Angeles, CA

1.0 star rating 10/28/2018

At the beginning of the year our sewage pump extractor broke. The first person they sent, Fong, did a horrible job over many, many days. It broke again shortly after. New guys were sent, and explained how poor Fong’s work was – he had gotten the wrong size pump, he had left supplies next to our house, etc, etc. So they “fixed” it, and the pipes along the house. 9 months later, and the pipes from the pump are leaking! You can see the pipes are in terrible condition already as they run alongside our neighbor’s pipes, which were not replaced, and don’t look nearly as old. So, obviously, they used already used materials. Will never use them again – am now paying even more money to have another company fix their mess – again!

Discount Plumbing Rooter

Samuel H.

Palo Alto, CA

5.0 star rating 11/14/2018

Oliver fixed our leaky sink- he was great! He fixed it quickly, was very proficient, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Very respectful attitude. Will definitely keep him in mind in the future!

Jeanne K.

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating 11/7/2018

Discount Plumbing (Fred Marfi) came right away and fixed the problem, expertly and courteously. I will use them again for plumbing problems.

Christine P.

San Francisco, CA

3.0 star rating 5/19/2018

I asked for another estimate for job that was quite large. They would not match other estimates I had. They had quoted significantly higher than others before I shared my quote. So I went with someone else.

Cannelle H.

San Francisco, CA

1.0 star rating 3/7/2018

We had this big plumbing issue today at work. It was such a crazy day, I was by myself and didn’t have the time to eat all day. You may wonder why I’m mentioning this but basically when I called Discount Plumbing at 5pm and tried to explain the problem, the lady on the phone didn’t bother listening to what I was saying and told me that she was grossed out because she could hear me eating. I got mad and said “excuse me?” and she hung up. I called again and a guy responded saying something silly on the phone. This is unacceptable and so unprofessional. I still can’t believe what just happened.

Fast Response Plumbing & Rooter

Ilya K.

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating 11/9/2018

I an using Fast Response for many years. The office is very good, always trying to accomodate my schedule. Before it was Dennis, now it is Billy, doing great job, often explaining how to prevent the problems.

I highly recommend them.

S L.

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating 11/1/2018   Updated review

Billy at Fast Response is truly amazing, and I highly recommend their service! We had problems with our toilets as well as a weird plumbing fixture noise issue which he was able to diagnose and resolve efficiently. These guys are professional, really care about their customers, very efficient when it comes to booking appointments, and have competitive rates. I would only go to them for future plumbing issues.

  1. K.

San Francisco, CA

3.0 star rating 2/17/2015

Called this place on Monday President’s Day about a leak under our kitchen sink. Never heard back. Called again 24 hours later and this time someone did answer the phone right away, but no one available to come help us until Thursday.

I think it’s fine that they are booked, just wish I could’ve found out sooner.

Megan L.

San Francisco, CA

1.0 star rating 7/29/2018

$290 to fix plumbing for my toilet. Technician was late for the appointment and had to reschedule another day. I’m taking my business elsewhere for people who actually respect another persons time.

Alansi’s Plumbing Co.

Carolyn V.

Novato, CA

5.0 star rating 7/30/2018

Tenant contacted me this morning to report they had no hot water since last night. I called AlansiPlumming and spoke with Yasmine who was able to dispatch a plumber to the site between 10a – 12p to assess and repair water heater.  Repair was done within hours, rate was reasonable and Yasmine was very professional, efficient and great to work with.

I’m a property manager and would highly recommend this company based on this first experience. I needed someone in a pinch and they exceeded my expectations!

Peter W.

San Francisco, CA

5.0 star rating 6/30/2018

We needed a time-sensible sink fix on a new faucet and called .  They called back right away, booked an appt, and within a couple of days our sink was fixed, plus a couple of other minor things they did for no extra cost.   Would use again in a heartbeat.

E Z.

San Mateo, CA

2.0 star rating 2/8/2012

I just want to say that Alansi probably does great work 99% of the time and they do have a great receptionist who’s willing to work with you. I really don’t know if my situation was unique and a “one off”. However, from my personal experience with them, I will say this… Don’t expect anything from them if you want a company who values their customers and wants to go above and beyond. They will most likely not try to work with you when you’re in a real bind, especially if you don’t have an appointment set up before hand. And a 60 day guarantee really mean 60 days.

Nasrin M.

San Francisco, CA

1.0 star rating 2/14/2015

I tried calling these guys about 20 times over the weekend and just kept getting their voicemail wherein leaving a message didn’t ever get me a call back so I tried elsewhere. Hopefully this review will encourage them to get their phone service together.

Precision Rooter & Drain

Louis S.

Daly City, CA

5.0 star rating 10/17/2018

Wish I could give Precision Rooter and Drain 100stars!!

The technician that came out today was very helpful. Ray listened to our issues and professionally took on each area.

He was on time and did a great job!

We definitely will recommend him to all our family and friends!!

Super thanks Ray!!

We Appreciate your patience as well Evelyn.!


John H.

Sunnyvale, CA

5.0 star rating 8/26/2018

Ray came out quickly on short notice and was very friendly, thorough and professional throughout. Highly recommended.

Kelly B.

San Francisco, CA

4.0 star rating 6/3/2011

They guys were phone friendly, quick and got me in a working shower in no time!  I heart them.

Jeny L.

San Francisco, CA

3.0 star rating 7/1/2018

The service was good.  He arrived at the time he said he would. I had him install the garbage disposal that I purchased from Lowes.  But for $326.50 to remove the old and install the new within half an hour?